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  • Lamination


    Lamination is an important element of the printing process for customers to consider. Whilst it does add to the cost of printing, it brings many important benefits, such as: UV protection; moisture resistance; abrasion protection; and adding an attractive finish. As well as greatly improving durability, it enhances the vibrancy of the ink colours so…

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  • Customisation and design services

    Customisation and design services

    At Graffix Detail we provide solutions, not just products. As part of The Beal Group of companies, we have the expertise and vast range of facilities to provide the right solutions for all our customers, even if that means a totally customised and bespoke product. If you have printing requirements that are a specific size,…

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  • Materials and finishing options

    Materials and finishing options

    We know how important it is to choose the right material and finishing option for your project. It is important to ensure it not only looks great but is also long lasting. Whether it needs to be weatherproof for outdoor use, big and bold to catch the eye or reusable for multiple applications, we can…

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  • Large format screen printing

    Large format screen printing


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  • Digital printing

    Digital printing

    Digital printing is the most modern way to print, especially with large formats. It involves creating a digital print image on computers and this is then printed directly onto the print material. Ink in digital printing is applied directly to the print material using either a laser jet or inkjet printer. Our high spec, high…

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  • Super-wide large format printing

    Super-wide large format printing

    Our state-of-the-art super-wide large format digital printers can print up to 3.2m wide, and also also have UV finishing capability – one of only a few printing centres with these capabilities. We are a commercial printer, with some of the biggest advertising and print companies turning to us to fulfil large scale projects like adverting…

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